Monday, February 22, 2016

The Joy Blog Turns 1!

Happy Birthday to The Joy Blog

So, it's my birthday. Well, not MY birthday, but my blog's birthday. 365 days ago, I started this project. I needed desperately to focus on the positives. I was dragging hard with the first anniversary of my mom's death approaching. Let's face it, I was a train wreck of slightly epic proportions. I could hold myself together for the most part to get through work, and grieve afterward. But... when I grieved afterward, I GRIEVED AFTERWARD. It was awful, and sad, and exhausting. 

This blog pulled me out of my funk. Little by little, the more I focused on joyful things, even something as simple as finding a cute video to post when I had nothing to say, made a difference. I unfollowed all my negative Facebook friends. I hid all the obnoxious apps from my newsfeed. I followed uplifting blogs, and Instagrams that make me happy. I began following positive podcasts, and TED talks, and filling my life with more positive things. 

My garden success proved to push this blog even further, and now I include not only things about joy, but I include my new favorite hobby/talent/passion on here and blog about how to grow things in pots. 

So, how am I celebrating? I'll be sharing all the things that make this blog tick.


First things first, let's talk numbers. I am averaging 1,000-1,500 pageviews a month. That's more than I ever saw on my old blog. It kind of thrills me that every month 1,000+ pages are loaded on this blog. I know it's nothing huge to some of you bloggers, but it's huge for me. 

I have published 158 posts. 

Between you and I, there are 494 comments. I reply to most comments so cut that in half and you've commented 247 times!  (Just so you all know, whenever I get a little notification that a new comment has shown up, I get really giddy. I LOVE hearing from all of you.)  

There are 16 categories that cover a variety of topics related to joy or gardening

Happy Birthday to The Joy Blog


It's fun to look back and view the most popular posts of The Joy Blog so far. Here are the top five posts from the blog's first year of life:


I don't have any hard and fast goals for this blog. I'm just kind of letting it be what it will be, but I do have a few ideas that I'd love to implement. 

+ Regular posts in all categories
+ Better garden videos for 2016, including me in them, not just my voice!
+ Post regularly uplifting content

If you have anything you'd love for me to talk about, feel free to contact me. I welcome any and all ideas! 

The Joy Blog's first birthday is something to celebrate! Thanks for being such a big part of something that means a great deal to me. Here's to another year of joyful living, and small space garden adventures. 


++What would you like to see from The Joy Blog this year? 

Happy Birthday to The Joy Blog

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  1. I LOVE this blog Lana. There is no doubt in my mind that your mom is looking down from Heaven and smiling. Just keep posting.

    1. Thank you so much Aunty! I really appreciate that. Thanks for reading it!

  2. Way to go!!! Keep it up.

  3. love your blog and happy 1 year blog anniversary!!

  4. Congrats on 1 year!! It takes a lot of dedication and commitment so way to go!

  5. Happy Blog Birthday!!! You have some wonderful goals! Good luck with your second year. :)

  6. I remember reading some of your popular posts. I really liked them. Happy blogoversary!! :)

  7. Lana- I found your blog through the Grow Your Blog group and love the format, how clean it looks, and the gardening niche. Congrats on your first blogiversary and Cheers to another great year. xo

  8. Happy blogiversary! I know how awesome it feels to have all that time (and effort and content) under your belt. I'm sure year 2 will bring about great things for you!

  9. Congratulations on your blogiversary! Just keep doin' yo' thaaaang, and soon enough, you'll be growing in no time. Your space is great!

    Coming Up Roses

  10. Congrats on your 1 year mark!
    That's pretty exciting!!! xxxooo


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