My name is Lana, and I'm the writer and creator of The Joy Blog. So... what is The Joy Blog? To tell you, I have to explain myself.


In 2013, my mom was diagnosed with an aggressive stage 4 brain tumor. I spent the entire year she fought the tumor in a state of chaos. After she died, I sunk into a deep dark grief, that turned into severe depression and anxiety. I was sick and sad, and couldn't get a hold on it.

I decided, if I wanted to be happy, I needed to "find joy in the journey." It took a long time, a couple more years if we're being honest, but it worked. I chose to combine what I love, writing and blogging, with my self-project of healing my depression and anxiety. Thus, The Joy Blog was born. As time went on, I discovered gardening, and used it as a form of grief/depression/anxiety therapy. I became a plant lady, and decided gardening had to be a part of this site, as well!


Check out my favorite categories:
Joyful Living - tips, tricks, and suggestions on how to live with joy.
Lifestyle - posts about my life.
Music - I live for music, and love to share it. Check out one of my curated Spotify playlists. 
Adventures - From one of my many adventures in life, some old, some new.
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Or, check out how my garden is growing. I started gardening on a 14' square concrete pad when we lived in a townhouse and only had a patio. Everything was potted or planted in my DIY cedar planters. Then, we moved to our current house, and I began growing in the actual ground! My current garden is in Zone 7a, in Northern Utah, along the western side of the Wasatch Mountain range. Our elevation is about 4,400 ft, and our climate is a dry one! We get snow all winter (usually), but it's still technically part of the desert here. It's a fun adventure learning to grow food, and soon I hope to be learning to preserve it as well! 

Thanks for joining me here! I hope you stick around.

With love,

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