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My name is Lana, and I'm the writer and creator of The Joy Blog. So... what is The Joy Blog? To tell you, I have to explain myself.

In 2013, my mother, was diagnosed with an aggressive and terminal stage 4 brain tumor. I spent the entire year she fought the tumor in a state of internal chaos. I was mourning the loss of who she was while she was living, and mourning her death. After her death in 2014, I sunk into a deep, darkness. It was what some doctors call "complicated grief", as if grief isn't complicated naturally. I was sick and sad, and couldn't get a hold on it. I stayed in the thick of it for the next year and finally realized wallowing just wasn't doing it for me anymore.

I decided, if I wanted to be happy, I needed to focus on happiness now instead of focusing on happiness being a destination. To quote the cliche, I needed to "find joy in the journey." It took a long time, a couple more years, if we're being honest, but it worked.

I chose to combine what I love, writing and blogging, with my self-project of healing my complicated grief. Thus, The Joy Blog was born. As time went on, I discovered I loved gardening, and decided to incorporate my love of plants into this site as well. 

The Joy Blog will be a way to bring joy to you, my readers, as well as me. 


Check out my favorite categories:
Joyful Living - tips, tricks, and suggestions on how to live with joy.
Lifestyle - posts about my life.
Music - I live for music, and love to share it. Check out one of my curated playlists. Some are just songs I love, some are designed around a mood.
Adventures - From one of my many adventures in life, some old, some new. 

Or, check out how my garden is growing

Thanks for joining me here, and I hope you stick around.

With love,

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