Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Freebies: Spring Blooms Wallpapers

Around this time each year, my heart starts to yearn for warm weather and greenery everywhere. This is the season of the dreaded inversion. For those of you not from the Wasatch Front, that means haze. Not just a little haze either, the kind that blots out the sun from our view. With the mountains surrounding us on all sides, we get this crappy weather condition in the late winter that basically is this -- all the dirty air can't leave the valley. The ski resorts have brilliant blue skies and sunny vistas, and we choke down the exhaust-scented brown air in the valleys. It's dreary, and unpleasant. A snowstorm will clear it out for a day or two, but then it's back to the gloom.

Then spring hits, the skies clear and the air fills with the sweet aroma of blossoms and grass. I took this picture of the blooms on my front yard tree last spring. We're still a month or so away from seeing any of these beautiful little blooms, but my heart beat a little faster on a walk today when I saw buds on all the trees in the neighborhood. Tiny, barely even visible buds, but buds all the same!

How to download the wallpaper:
+ Click on the image below to open the full-size version. 
+ Then save the file and load to your desktop
(The original size is large, so it should fit most screens.) 

Feel free to download these wallpapers for your own personal use! 

Can spring be far behind? Desktop wallpaper download

Winter is dead desktop wallpaper download

Spring blossoms wallpaper download

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  1. Just what the doctor ordered on this crummy late-winter day. (Can you believe it's actually March? I keep having to remind myself of the month...)


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