Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Gratitude Journal 3.7.17

It's been a long time since I posted a gratitude journal post here, but I really wanted to. Normally I just post a few things, but since it's been so long, I want to post everything I can think of in no order of importance. 

Sunset on snowy mountains //

  • I started running again and am increasing my stamina.
  • I have gained strength from running and lifting and hope to gain more.
  • My legs are more toned and there is muscle forming all over my body.
  • My health is improving.
  • I have way more healthy days than sick days. During my dark days of grief I had 8 sick days to every good day. 

Early Girl tomato seedlings //

  • My tomato, pepper, chamomile and black eyed susan vine seeds all sprouted and are ready for transplant to seedling pots. 
  • My radishes and lettuce continue to grow in the mini greenhouse. Slowly, but surely, since it's been so cold. 
  • I have everything ready to start building something awesome for my garden. I'm not going to tell you what it is until it is done! 

A car full of lumber //

  • It's brilliantly sunny today.
  • Spring is on the horizon.
  • I found a depression supplement that is working and doesn't have harsh side effects. 
  • My husband and I are both feeling much better as time goes on. We still have hard days, but we both fought depression hard at the same time, and are slowly but steadily pulling out of it.
  • I found this playlist and I listen to it whenever I need peace. 
  • I found my mom's old albums from when she was in her singing group and got to hear her sing a solo. What an incredible gift it was to hear her voice even though she's gone!
  • We've been slowly becoming more minimalistic in our approach to life, and it is so good for the soul to release things. The release of stuff releases the negative emotions we hold on to, as well. I plan to blog this soon. 

Lettuce mesclun mix seedlings //

There is a lot more because I'm so grateful lately. Life is good, and I am thankful for the blessing it is to recognize that. 

++ What are you grateful for? 

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