Monday, November 27, 2017

Thanksgiving, Painting Our Bedroom & A Broken Furnace

Thanksgiving was nice! We were a bit under the weather, so we stayed home from our planned travel at the last minute, invited my younger brothers over to play video games, and we made chicken burrito bowls for dinner. 

Then, during the weekend, we finally tackled the job of painting our bedroom. It proved to be a 3-day process since we had to really lay the paint on thick to cover the purple and black that was done by the previous owners. (Seriously, soooo ugly.) You can't tell in the picture below, but the walls are lavender. We're going with a nice bright white on the ceiling, and a soft neutral gray for the walls. So much better don't you think?

After the first day of priming with two coats (that black paint is a paaaaaaiiiiiiiinnnnnn to cover), we were settling down for the evening, and I heard some crackling coming from a nearby wall outlet. We found out the outlet was arcing inside, which is totally a fire hazard, and Google, and an electrician friend, instructed us to cut our power and disable the outlet. So, we did. 

Problem solved for a little bit, right? Well, yeah, but then as old houses are notorious for, another problem popped up.

Our furnace wouldn't work once the power was turned back on. Everything was as it should be, pilot light, power, it even smelled like it was on. Yet, it won't blow heat through the house. Or even cold air. NO AIR will come out at all. It's also really hard to get someone to repair your furnace during a holiday weekend, especially one that's not freezing.

So we have spent the weekend bundled up, using space heaters to keep the room we're painting in warm enough for the paint to dry properly, and thanking the weather gods for not sending us snow which is typical of our Thanksgiving holidays. Instead they have been sending us well above freezing nights, and 60+ degree days. I'm super grateful for La Ninas, and abnormally warm Novembers. 

It's actually more comfortable outside than inside my house right now. The fun part, at least, is it reminds me of summertime camping in the Uinta mountains above 10,000 ft, where your face is cold, but your body is super warm inside your sleeping bag cocoon.

Hopefully, by the time you read this, our heat is back on, and we're cozy. Our house has been sitting at 56-62 degrees the entire weekend, and I'd love to raise it up 5-10 degrees where I prefer it. Plus, the forecast is showing very frigid nights this week. So... send us some good luck, please! The last thing we need to add to our repertoire is how to fix frozen pipes. 

For now, I'll just go back to wrapping up in my down comforter and sweaters at night, and cranking our little space heater every now and then.

++ How was your holiday?  

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