Thursday, November 16, 2017

Nature Themed Bathroom

The first room in our house to be fully set up was one of the smallest. It's our main bathroom. It's the bathroom we use everyday, and the one our guests will use, too. 

One of my favorite things about the bathroom, is the fact that it faces south, and has a big window. So much sunlight comes in during the day and lights it up. I thought a crisp white waffle weave shower curtain (needs some ironing, apparently...) was best for the bright atmosphere. I love white towels, because you can bleach them clean whenever they start to look old.  Plus, all the white helps tone down the brown in the room. 

The tile, while it's not a color I would've chosen, is pretty new, and really clean. I decided to play off the beige tile, and wooden cabinets, and go with a nature/wildlife theme. 

To brighten up the beige tile floor, and connect it to the colors in some of the artwork, I chose a fall gold color for my bathroom rugs.

The metal bird jewelry dish on the counter is perfect for holding my rings while I shower, and goes well with the fox print I picked up from a local artist at a farmer's market a few years ago. Both also match really well with my framed postcards from my trip to Oregon, featuring Bigfoot and Multnomah Falls, and my wooden Buddha head I got in a gift shop in Chinatown in San Francisco. 

My favorite part of the whole bathroom is the giant tub, and how the tub area has PLENTY of space for plants! Most bathrooms I've had have had little to no natural light in them, so I'm extra excited that I can have a couple humidity loving plants in my shower!

++ Check back for updates on the other rooms as we get them done!

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