Friday, October 27, 2017

Hello, Little Brick House

You guys, I have been so busy the past two weeks. All I do lately is, sleep, work, work on the house, eat, sleep. I did have time to peruse my yard and pull up a bittersweet nightshade the previous owners had treated like a lovely climbing vine. It's pretty, but it's toxic and can be invasive. 

Buying an old house has been a fun/exhausting experience. Overall, the house is in great shape. Most of what we want to do to it requires cans of paint which will be pretty easy. There have been a few hiccups along the way, though. But, that was to be expected. We had to fix a few leaky water valves. We will be calling in some warranty repairs for some electrical issues, and had to get all new kitchen appliances, except for a fridge, because we brought ours, and it's fairly new. 

The madness when we first unloaded everything and started putting in new appliances.

We had to get a new bed because ours had become so uncomfortable we were resorting to sometimes sleeping on the couch. 

The new oven, and bed are both getting returned, and we'll picking out different ones. The oven is a lemon. It gets so hot when it's baking something that you can't even touch the button panels to turn it off without burning your fingers. That honestly can't be safe, and seems like a fire hazard. The mattress was a Serta iSeries, and was so perfect in the store, but after two weeks, we hate it. So, back to the mattress store we go. (I hate picking out beds, by the way. HATE IT.)

Slowly, we've sorted through the madness, and have most of our things unpacked and put away. It's hard to totally set up the house when I know I want to paint a lot of the rooms, so I've kind of halfway set up. It will feel so good to hang things on the walls, and clean up in here. For now, we get to see these lovely shadow shelves. The previous owners were too lazy to take the shelves off to paint the walls.

Most of our basement has shiplap, and they accented it with this lovely flame toilet!

Oh, we haven't even really cleaned since moving in. We've been so busy just trying to get the boxes unpacked and little quirks fixed, that we haven't even brought out the cleaner. I wish we'd have had a few extra days to move. I'd have come in and cleaned everything first. So, I walk around everyday knowing that I didn't get to clean out other people's germs first. It grosses me out, but I grew up in a farming family, I can take it. 

It will be a miracle if we get everything done by Christmas.

For now, I am enjoying having a yard. Check out these awesome fall gold raspberries I picked from my garden, and the beautiful fall colors. 

++ How is your fall going?

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