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Zone 6 & 7 Garden Tasks for June

Vegetable garden // Zone 6 & 7 Garden Tasks for June //

Welcome to Summer! June is the month where sunshine starts to stick around consistently. Plus, the longest day of the year is this month, and who really ever gets sick of those 9pm sunsets? By now, your weather should be comfortably warm, and sometimes even too hot!


Spring harvests will be coming in heavy now, and you can expect to be enjoying the fruits of your labor the past couple of months. If your greens and radishes have bolted and gone to flower, you can pull them up to give more space for next sowings, or summer veggies. I recommend leaving a few of them flowering all season long. One radish in bloom produces TONS of flowers and bushes out. The bees go nuts for it. I let one go to flower as an experiment last year, and it bloomed until the freezes in late October, and at any one time it had at least 10 bees on it. and many different varieties showed up. They loved the radish flowers and as a result I was able to save lots of seeds for the next season.

Berries may be in production mode right now, as well. If you have them in your garden, be sure to check your berry plants often and don't forget to pick them regularly. Ripe berries can go bad very quickly if left for too long on the plant. Some fruiting berries that are great right now are early raspberries and strawberries.  

Strawberries from the garden // Zone 6 & 7 Garden Tasks for June //
Snap Peas from the garden // Zone 6 & 7 Garden Tasks for June //
Fresh Garden Harvest // Zone 6 & 7 Garden Tasks for June //


All summer veggies should be planted early this month, if they weren't already planted in late May. Plant more carrots, beets, and beans a few weeks apart to stagger your harvests throughout the summer season.

Bean and cucumber seedlings // Zone 6 & 7 Garden Tasks for June //
Cucumber and Tomato seedlings // Zone 6 & 7 Garden Tasks for June //
Pak Choi in the garden // Zone 6 & 7 Garden Tasks for June //


With everything finally in the ground, focus on keeping weeds under control, keeping your veggies watered well, and fertilizing as needed to give your crops a boost. Water veggies in the early morning to allow the water to soak in before the heat of day comes in and evaporates it. You can also water in the evening to let it soak in over night, but a lot of plants can become diseased if they sit wet for too long. The same method of watering is great for lawns as well. Mow your lawn regularly, and keep it a little longer to avoid shocking it in the heat. Deadhead any flowering plants to keep them in bloom longer. If you have irises, you can divide them now and replant them, since they should be done blooming.


Since the weather is great and your garden is finally all planted, have a backyard barbecue, or a picnic, and enjoy the great weather and beautiful garden you've created! Or, grab a book and a blanket or lawn chair, and head outside for a relaxing time.

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