Monday, April 15, 2019

What I'm Growing in 2019

The time has come for my annual, "Here's a list of what I'm attempting to grow this year" post. I'll be growing my usual staples, but I'll also be adding some new things I've never tried before, or never had success with before.


Peas: Shelling & Snap
Beets: Gold, Red & Chioggia*
Onions: Yellow & Red*
Lettuces: Mesclun, Black-seeded Simpson, Bibb
Radishes: Cherry Belle, French Breakfast* & Black Spanish*
Carrots: Rainbow & Danvers


Tomatoes: Black Cherry, Roma, Cherokee Purple & Big Rainbow*
Peppers: Jalapeno, Hot Pepperoncini, Mixed Color Bell Peppers* & may add more variety
Winter Squash: Acorn^ & Honey Nut^
Melons: Watermelon^, Canteloupe* (maybe a mini one, maybe a normal sized)
Sweet Corn^
Mammoth Sunflowers*
Pole Beans
Black Beans*
Bush Beans: Yellow
Potatoes: Gold, Blue and White

*Never tried
^Never worked before

I'm super excited for this growing season in my new garden setup, and hope everything is huge and productive. Wish me luck!

++ What are you growing this year? 

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