Monday, April 8, 2019

My Raised Beds Are Done!

Raised Bed Garden Layout // www.thejoyblog.netRaised Bed Garden Layout //
Raised Bed Garden Details //
Raised Bed Garden Details //
Raised Bed Garden Details //

You guys, is this not the prettiest sight you've ever seen? We dug out a ton of grass. We hauled a literal ton and a half of soil, and, this weekend, I put in the pathway and wood chips!

All that is left to do is to install my soaker hoses, and it will be good to go. It's still a little too cold for my hoses right now, we have risks of hard freezes for a while still, so I've been can watering the little bit I have planted already. I'm hopeful my soil that I brought in helps my garden grow huge and feeds it well. It grew well in the sandy soil of my yard last year, but there wasn't enough nutrients in the sandy soil to feed some of my plants, and as a result, they didn't quite grow right. I had tomatoes turning yellow, corn pollinating way too early, and squash/cucumber/melon plants that just never grew or didn't produce.

The garden consists of six 3x5' beds, and one 3x3' bed, giving us a total gardening square footage of 99 feet. Last year's plot was a total of 70 square feet for gardening. I'm hopeful that the new layout, wider pathways, and extra square footage will give me plenty of room to try to grow things like sunflowers, corn, winter squashes, etc. And, I'm hopeful that the new spacing AND new soil will give me much better luck with these bigger items.

Keep your fingers crossed for me this year, guys. I'm excited and really hope everything goes well!

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