Thursday, January 11, 2018

House Updates: Bedroom Mostly Done

You guys, my bedroom is mostly done. We still need to hang things on the wall, and hope to eventually get a ceiling fan, but for now, it's comfy, livable, and I love it. It's SOOOOO much better now that we've painted in there. 

I just realized I don't have an updated picture of the room, but the red curtains are now in the kitchen, and we got a second pair that match the window to cover the closet. The doors that were originally in here were broken, and also super inconvenient for accessing your stuff, so we took them out for now. 

Bedding, Pillows, Curtains & Lamps: Target Holiday Sales | Light gray rugs: TJ Maxx | Zig Zag Rug: Had for years | Bed & Nightstands: IKEA | Chest: Family Heirloom

Next time I post about this room, there will be things hanging on the walls. Maybe. Someday. Maybe never. 

++ What are your favorite things to have in your bedroom? 

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