Monday, May 29, 2017

Wheeler Farm: Experience Farmlife in the Middle of the City

Did you know that in the heart of Salt Lake City, there is a beautiful farm that is open to the public? I had known Wheeler Farm existed for years. In fact, when I was in kindergarten, we took a field trip there. However, I had no idea it was free and open to the public for 9 months of the year (they close in winter). You can wander through the farm, see the animals, watch the blacksmith work, wander through the countryside, picnic on the grass, and feed the ducks. 

Recently, on my lunch break, I drove over to the farm, wandered around in the warm spring sunshine, and got my fill of nature. I sit at a desk all day for work and have no windows near me. I regularly feel the effects of being without natural sunlight all day, so I try to take myself to pretty places outside at lunch as often as I can. I had so much fun here on my lunch break, that I plan to return often for peaceful nature walks, or picnics on the grass with the ducks. 

There's really nothing like leaving city life behind for an hour to rejuvenate the soul. The best part is, it's right in the heart of the city so, it only took a couple minutes to get there. 

Another cool fact about the farm, is that they supply food to Meals on Wheels as well as other various organizations. 

Wheeler Farm is a great place for adults and kids to connect with animals and beautiful scenery. They even have paths for walking and jogging through the "back country" of the farm. If I lived closer to this place, you can bet I'd be there doing my weekly runs. 

Their website has a calendar of farm events, visiting hours, and other great farm information. Click here to visit their site.  (This is totally not a sponsored post, by the way, I just love sharing beautiful places with people.) 

++ Have you been to Wheeler Farm? 

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