Friday, May 26, 2017

Frozen Tomato Plants

Plants in a raised bed under a frost blanket //

We failed to miss the crazy spring weather that's been happening all over the US, and had to endure some abrupt cold weather. It was 80 and sunny, and then the next day, we had 32 degree freezing going on at night with barely in the 40's weather during the day for most of the week. We even got snow! I tried my best to cover my tomatoes and keep them safe, but, sadly, the bad weather won. 

Tomato plant with frost damage //

After just two days, all the leaves had turned brown and crispy, and looked way worse than these photos. There was no chance of them coming back. Rather than wait for weeks to see if they'd bounce back and grow new ones, I pulled them out. 

Thank goodness I had extra plants from seed, and was able to replace them, but keep your fingers crossed! They were pot bound in my kitchen while I waited for the cold front to pass, and hopefully will do well outside. I'm a little concerned I'll even have a crop of tomatoes this year with having seeded them way too early (I was excited!), and then having to keep them in their nursery pots for way too long. It is my first time growing them from seeds. 

You live and learn, I guess. 

Next year, I'm waiting until late March or early April to plant my seeds. 

++ Have you had weird spring weather? 

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  1. Oh I am so sorry! And glad you had extra seedlings!! We have also been having an awful spring over here in Toronto, so wet, below average temperatures. All I do is try not to compare to last year because everything is behind ��

    1. Good luck with yours! I hope you have a fruitful year!


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