Monday, May 15, 2017

How We Celebrated My 33rd Birthday

For my birthday this year, instead of throwing the usual dinner get together that I like to do, we kept things simple, and just spent the day together. To be honest, I was feeling pretty emotional the whole week leading up to it. I guess I didn't make it through this time of year completely unscathed after all. 

Justin stayed up all night to prepare a birthday surprise for me and made sure to tell me I couldn't go downstairs until morning. I was glad I waited, because when I got up, I was definitely surprised! There were balloons covering every inch of the floor of the main level of our house. He had set a pair of Nerf dart guns on the coffee table, as well. I laughed pretty hysterically as I tiptoed through the balloons to the kitchen to get some breakfast. 

A room full of balloons //

We grabbed birthday lunch at my favorite little Mexican place in town. After lunch, we shopped for a bit, and he bought me some new sandals. Then we hung out at the house, and had a dart gun duel. It got so intense that we ended up back to back on the sidewalk outside, preparing to take 10 paces, turn and fire. We also had a balloon popping party, which, I have to admit, was way more fun than I expected popping balloons to be. We ended up laughing like little kids while we darted all over the house popping the crazy balloons. 

Popped balloons and new sandals //

Later, we decided to take a walk along the river, at one of the local parks, and enjoy the warm spring evening. Everything was lush and green, and as the light faded, the air cooled down. We finished the night with a movie on the couch. 

Man overlooking river surrounded by trees //
River surrounded by trees //
River surrounded by trees //
Utah mountain views //
Flower fields in bloom //
Walking path next to the river //
A river with trees around it //

Sometimes the best birthdays are the ones that are mellow and fluid. We had no plans, and we spent the day having whatever fun came up. We hadn't had such a fun day in a long time and I really feel like we needed it. 

Here's to 33. I hope it is my best year yet!

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