Friday, May 12, 2017

How To Plant Pepper Seedlings

Raised bed vegetable garden //

The weather has finally warmed up enough that I planted my peppers and tomatoes! I love seeing the garden getting fuller every week. I also planted all my bean, squash, zucchini, melon, cucumber and corn seeds. I decided to document the process of my pepper planting since I was planting quite a few.

Peppers are really easy to plant. Just follow these simple steps:

+ Dig a small hole the depth of your seedling's pot.
+ Hold the seedling gently in your hands, and tip the pot upside down. Be careful not to bend the stem of the plant while you hold the pot upside down from the plant side with the stem sitting between your fingers. (You'll see me do this in the video if you watch closely, it's pretty fast!)
+ Gently squeeze the sides of the seedling pot to loosen it up, until it slides out into your hand.
+ Turn it right side up and place it in the hole.
+ Fill in around the pepper seedling, and gently pat down.
+ Water it well to get it started. 

Pepper and tomato plant //
Raised bed patio garden //

Peppers don't need to be planted deeply, but if you want to add a little extra strength to the new seedling, you can plant it a tiny bit deeper. They don't benefit too much from a deeper planting though like tomatoes do, so you don't need to go much deeper than they're already growing. 

Check out the pictures and video, and let me know which kind of pepper you love to grow! 

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