Monday, March 27, 2017

Indoor Seed Starting: Holy Tomatoes

Tomato seedlings sunning themselves on a patio //

So, I've never grown tomatoes or peppers from seed before this year. I figured they would need a huge head start to be nice and big before they went out onto the patio. The bigger they are, the better they withstand the heat fluctuations back there. 

I didn't realize how fast they grow, and how quickly my kitchen would turn jungle-like! We still have 6 weeks until they need to go out... I'm a little nervous that they're going to be MASSIVE. 

Tomato, pepper, and black-eyed susan vine seedlings on a patio //
Pepper seedlings on a patio //
German chamomile and tomato seedlings //

Our end of winter freak influx of warm weather has disappeared, and we're in typical spring weather now, with cold/cool rainy days with warm sun scattered in between. Today, although it was chilly out and a storm is blowing in, the patio was soaking up the last bits of sun before the storm. The plants are all getting big enough that they really need to be hardened off if they're going to stay healthy. So, I moved them all outside for the afternoon. It was cool and sunny, and I think they liked it. 

Also, I thinned the radishes that have been growing soooooo slowly because they started in the middle of our freezing winter. They're tiny, but they taste great. 

Small radishes grown in a plastic mini-greenhouse //

So, the lesson I learned is that I planted everything a few weeks too early. Oh well, you live and learn, and you enjoy the jungle. Also, I'll be passing off some of the seedlings to friends and family. I planted a lot thinking some wouldn't survive, and they all have. I'm pretty excited with how this has all turned out, and I think those that get free plants will be, too!

++ Have you grown tomatoes from seeds? 

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  1. Wow Lana you had great success with ALL your plants!! They look beautiful and healthy, and clearly your friends and family are going to benefit from your lesson learned :) Love the radishes too by the way. ��


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