Wednesday, March 22, 2017

How to Transplant Indoor Seedlings to Bigger Pots

Tomato and pepper seedlings //

My indoor seedlings finally got big enough that they needed some extra room. This was evidenced by the fact that their roots were starting to show out the bottom of the soil pellets. I picked up a bag of 16 ounce styrofoam cups, and a bag of potting soil and got to work.

I poked a hole in the bottom of each cup with a pen, wrote the name of the seedling on the cup in pen, and then planted them in the cup! 

They currently live in a large clear rubbermaid tub in front of my south-facing sliding glass door. They get sun all day long, plus the grow light once the sun sets at 7pm. The growth in the past 10 days has been explosive, and already, I'm thinking the tomatoes will need to be upsized to new pots! 

The bag of styrofoam cups was a really great low-cost option at around $1.50 at Walmart. I think the bag of potting soil was also pretty cheap at around $4.00, so all in all, not too shabby of a project, and the seedlings are VERY happy. All have lots of true leaves, and are quite big, check out the photos at the end of the video to see the growth comparison. It's exciting! 

++ Have you grown tomatoes and peppers from seeds? What are your favorite varieties?

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