Monday, August 15, 2016

The Garden After the Rain

Have I mentioned how dry and hot it's been here this summer? Well, I can't seem to say it enough I guess, because it's been so hot and dry that most of my plants are struggling badly. My japanese maple is covered in dry crusty leaves, it looks like it's ready for fall, but nope, it's just the heat. 

One of my rose bushes might be ready to give up the ghost, as well. Everything is else is just barely hanging on, and not producing too well. However, recently we had rainstorms a few days in a row, and it was very well received in the patio garden. Everything perked up, and looked more green. It was also a refreshing 70°F. Take a look below! 

++ Don't you just love a summer rainstorm? How is your garden doing this year?


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