Friday, August 12, 2016

Repotting the Monster

Sometimes you have to make an executive decision, and axe a couple of your plants to make the others happy. 

Repotting the Monster - Monstera Deliciosa // WWW.THEJOYBLOG.NET

This Monstera Deliciosa was in a pot with a Ficus and a Croton. (Totally sounds like the start of a joke about three plants in a bar... I should work on that.) I inherited this pot of plants from my grandmother's funeral a year ago, and the three plants together were not happy for long. The Monstera was slowly killing the other two plants. I didn't really like the way they all looked together anyway, so I took it outside a few days ago, chopped the Ficus and Croton down to the soil, and then completely saturated the pot with water so I could tease all the different roots out of the soil, and relocate the Monstera in the center of the pot. 

Upon doing this, I found 3 separate Monstera plants and root clusters for 2 ficus, and 2 crotons, ALL in a 12 inch pot. Whoever potted these babies had no idea what they were doing and was purely just doing it for aesthetics. I got rid of everything but the 3 Monsteras, put them in the center of the pot and spread the roots around so they could stretch their legs. 

The finished product is a happy, centered plant, and the other two sad plants were thrown into the flower beds to decompose in the dry heat of Utah, where they will shed their leaves on the carpet no longer. 

Repotting the Monster - Monstera Deliciosa // WWW.THEJOYBLOG.NET
Repotting the Monster - Monstera Deliciosa // WWW.THEJOYBLOG.NET

Looks happy, don't you think? I love the swiss cheese leaves of the Monstera. 

++ What's your favorite houseplant? 

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