Monday, May 25, 2015

Joyful Minutes: A Garden Update

Dahlias in bloom /

Happy Memorial Day! I hope that aside from enjoying this lovely day off work, you are remembering those that have gone before us. (I love you, Mommy!) If you haven't yet, put it on your schedule for today to either drop by the cemetery and set flowers at a loved one's grave, or a lonely grave. If you're not able to do that, take a second to remember, or even say hello to, the ones you miss and have to wait to see until your long life is over. This day is not just for barbecues, it is a day of remembrance. Thanks for doing that with me, I'm really grateful for all of you.

Now for the rest of the post...

Guys, my garden is turning out to be AMAZING and extremely therapeutic. WOW! I love gardening. I had no idea I had this in me. I think I've found one of the things that I simply must do for my own health and happiness. Do you have one of those? It's like this -- I feel like I'm linked to plants somehow. Like there's this part of me that I've always wanted to share with the world, and when I garden and the plants thrive, it's like my soul is able to speak its unique language. 

Who knows, maybe the fact that I'm an earth sign isn't just gibberish? Maybe there's really something to the whole Taurus thing? I look best in colors found naturally on earth, fabrics that are soft and flowy, makeup and hair that is natural and bohemian, and my soul comes alive when I connect with my garden. I am my parents' child. My mom was a phenomenal vegetable gardener, my dad is a rose gardener by hobby, and my stepdad is a farmer.

I even told my husband that if money is ever not an issue for us, I want to work at a garden center, cultivating and connecting with plants all day.

Despite the setback I had last week with the incessant rain killing my zucchini and tomatoes (we're talking rain every day for the entire month of May and it's still heavy in the forecast for the rest of the month!), I have had a big success with my garden this year. I was able to replace my dead tomatoes with new, large, healthy, greenhouse-grown plants from my local garden center. I also replanted the zucchini from seed, so when that pops up, I'll share it with ya! I'm loving the photos I took last week. I still need to get a photo of the entire setup, so I'll also share that when I get one. What do you think?

Potted Mandeville Climbing Vine | www.thejoyblog.netContainer Herb Garden with Rosemary, Chives, Lemon Thyme, and Lemon Verbena |

Early Girl Tomato setting it's first fruits | www.thejoyblog.netRed Bell Pepper setting it's first fruit |
Quinalt Strawberries setting fruit |
Soft, velvety, Lamb's Ear |
Showbiz Rose in full bloom |
Little, yellow, Bidens |
Deep, maroon dahlias |
June-bearing Allstar Strawberries setting fruit |
Verbena and Salvia in full bloom |

++ Do you garden? If so, send me the link to your garden photos.
I LOVE seeing what others are up to.

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