Friday, December 6, 2019

Zone 6 & 7 Garden Tasks for December

December is a month of relaxation for gardeners. Your garden is asleep, and most of your focus will be on the easy stuff.


Take down the successes and failures of your gardening year. Do a full inventory of your seeds, what worked what didn't, and properly store any that you've saved from this year. Also, determine if you'll need to replenish your seed stashes, or if you have enough to use next year.


As the temperatures drop, move tender houseplants away from windows to avoid exposing them to the cold air. Also, check plants regularly for diseases or problems. One of the more common and super annoying pests that can affect houseplants during the winter is tiny flies. Also, becuase of our furnaces, air is drier, and moving around a lot of dust, so make sure to dust plants regularly with a damp cloth or paper towel -- especially larger leaf plants like Bird of Paradise, Monstera, Calathea, etc.


If you notice any heavy snow build-up on your outdoor shrubs and trees that is causing branches to bend, make sure to shake the snow off to avoid breakage.


For stored harvests, make sure to regularly check for rotten or damaged fruits, and throw them out. If you leave any bad ones in, it will ruin all of your stored veggies.

Other than that, relax, and enjoy your season of rest and hibernation on these long, cold winter nights.

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