Thursday, November 7, 2019

Zone 6 & 7 Garden Tasks for November


If your lawn is still growing, continue mowing it. You shouldn't need to water it, though. Fall storms and colder temperatures should deter it from needing any care for the most part. In our climate, your sprinklers should already be winterized to prevent freezing.  Continue raking leaves to use for compost and to avoid grass damage and disease. Piles of soggy leaves can form molds on your lawn, and suffocate the grass underneath.

After the ground freezes, apply mulch to any flower beds to help protect perennials over the winter. If you're using stone or clay plant pots outside, empty them and store them in a shed, or indoors. If you have to leave them outside, to prevent cracking, flip them upside down. When left upright, water gets in and the thaw and freeze cycle cracks the pots. If you have birds that visit your garden, set out bird feeders so they have something to eat during the winter.


Clean up dead plants from the vegetable garden to prevent any pests or disease from overwintering in your garden. This is a great way to remove any overwintering pest eggs! If you have harvests left over, prep and store them. Unhook and store garden hoses for the winter, and close off any outdoor faucets. Also, clean your garden tools and store them for the winter. Your garden should be mostly dormant by now, or getting there, and you may already have snow.

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