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Zone 6 & 7 Garden Tasks for July

Summer Vegetable Garden // Zone 6 & 7 Garden Tasks for July //

We are mid-way through summer now, and your garden should be in high gear. Plants will be getting larger by the day, and there is a lot to do!


July is a hot month, so the first thing on the agenda is regular watering of the garden. Gardens need at least one inch of water per week, so if it's not raining much, which is the case where I live throughout the summer, you'll need to make sure you get out there and water. To avoid water loss to evaporation, the best method is to use soaker hoses or a drip system set near the roots of your plants in the early mornings. Ground-level watering keeps the water where it needs to go, and you end up wasting a lot less water. Also, veggie plants are susceptible to disease when watered overhead, if the leaves stay wet for too long. Keep watering consistent and regular, to avoid wilting and inundation. Tomatoes will often split if watering is inconsistent. When they finally do get a lot of water, they will soak it all up, and the fruit will expand and split.

Summer Vegetable Garden // Zone 6 & 7 Garden Tasks for July //


With the first summer harvests coming this month, make sure to regularly harvest your fruits and vegetables to keep the plants producing all season. If fruit is allowed to stay on the plant past ripening, the plant may think it is done with its job, and stop setting fruit. Harvest zucchini/summer squash when it's medium sized, about 8 inches. Pinch back herbs to encourage more growth and keep them from flowering. If your onions are ready, leave them out to dry and cure before storing them for winter.

Onions curing before storage // Zone 6 & 7 Garden Tasks for July //
Pepper plants in the garden // Zone 6 & 7 Garden Tasks for July //


Plant annuals and perennials at any time to fill in blank spots in the garden. Deadhead annuals and perennials to encourage new growth and continual blooms. Inspect all plants for insect or disease damage, and treat accordingly. Check for slugs early in the morning and remove them. You can set up beer traps for your slugs and earwigs, and distract them from damaging your plants.

Galliardia in bloom // Zone 6 & 7 Garden Tasks for July //


Toward the end of the month, start sowing cool weather vegetable seeds for fall gardening. If it's too hot, you can start them indoors and plant them out once the weather cools off a little. Some areas are in 90-100°F weather this month, so you may need to wait a little bit.


Keep lawn watered throughout the season, but cut back on mowing during the intense heat. You will notice your lawn's growth starting to slow during the hot and dry weather. Cut grass a little longer to allow it to stay strong during the hot weather, and to help it retain more water. Cutting it too short can shock it and leave it susceptible to dying in the heat. It also allows weeds to germinate and take over, so keep it longer! (Plus, it's softer when it's longer.)

Mountain Lake // Zone 6 & 7 Garden Tasks for July //


If it's too hot at your house, cool off in the nearby lakes, pools, hills and mountains. Take a quick trip up for a hike in the shade, jump in the cool water, or spend a few days camping in the higher elevations.

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