Friday, May 24, 2019

May 2019 Garden Updates - It's Cold!

You guys, this has been the coldest May I remember in my gardening life. Normally, right about now, the heat flips on and we go from cool spring to high 80's, but this entire month has been rainy, cold, gloomy, and nothing is growing as fast as it normally does because of it.

I planted my peppers and tomatoes on Mother's Day weekend, as per the usual here on the Wasatch Front, but, two days later, I potted them back up because we had a forecast of at least 10 days of cold rain. We are a super dry state, but this year has been a banner water year. Our snowpacks were HUGE, and still are because it's STILL SNOWING in the mountains and in some valleys. And, we're getting so much rain, it's keeping everything green. Normally, by now, I have turned my sprinkler system on, but I haven't even had to think about it yet.

The forecast this weekend shows an end in sight to the too cold weather, and we'll be entering June with our typical mid-May weather. What a year this has turned out to be! I can't complain too much though. Typically, it gets hot way too fast out here.

Despite all this rain, I have managed to get everything planted for spring, and summer, with the exception of the peppers and tomatoes that have been hanging out in my kitchen all month when it's just too cold to set them out.

Hopefully we'll all get a reprieve soon from whatever weather is bringing us down. What's your weather like this spring where you are?

Radish harvest //
Seedlings //
Strawberries waiting to ripen //
Snowball Tree in full bloom //
Peas climbing //
Lettuce growing in the garden //
A small cauliflower head //
A view of the May garden //
A view of the May garden //
Snowball bush //
Allium in bloom //
Full bloom lilac tree //

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