Tuesday, June 12, 2018

If the Fear Won't Go Away, You'll Just Have To Do It Afraid

I saw this quote on an Instagram account I follow recently, and I couldn't get it out of my mind. The poster was talking about how people always ask them if they're scared to live the wild life they do, in the desert, in their van. She said she recently read the most perfect words that explain why you have to do things that scare you sometimes. 

When I read those words, immediately it lit my brain on fire. THIS. THIS is exactly what I need to think about all the time. Often, I have let fear hold me back in the past. I assumed that the people doing big things weren't scared. But, maybe they are, maybe they're scared just like I am, but they recognize that it doesn't matter if they're scared. They have to do the things they dream of anyway. 

I've moved forward before when I was afraid, so why in other cases, do I let it hold me back? There are experiences I could've had. Paths I could've taken. Successes I could've had, had I not let fear hold me back. 

For me, I am always going to be scared of big steps. I'm just going to have to always remember, whether or not I'm scared, I have to move forward, and do the things I want to while I'm afraid. Eventually the fear will go away. 

Perhaps, the seemingly fearless people aren't fearless at all, they're just acting WHILE afraid. 

++ What are you scared to do that you really want to?

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