Saturday, May 12, 2018

To the Motherless on Mother's Day

My mom and me (and family) at the Hoover Dam bridge c. Christmas 2013. Our last with her.
There are some of you out there who will be celebrating Mother's Day a little differently than the rest of the population. You might go about your day quietly, trying to make it as if it's any other day of the year, but knowing and feeling that it is not.

You might do your best to remember your mom and even talk out loud as if you're on the phone with her, celebrating her special holiday. You might try to feel some sort of semblance of Mother's Days gone before, but you know it won't ever be the same as it was. 

You might avoid social media at all costs or at least scroll past the mom posts as quickly as possible, because you'll see all the family get-together photos being posted, or people posting photos hugging their moms, and all you have are photos from the past, nothing from the present. It's hard not to feel envy or jealousy, so you might avoid even looking at if you can. You may want to be super dramatic, and post a photo hugging her headstone, but... you don't think that would be tasteful. Part of your grief wants to, though, because part of you feels everyone should know just how much that part of your life still hurts even though you are happy. 

You might celebrate the other moms in your life, with a smile, and you'll mean it when you wish them well and say you love them, but deep inside, you're feeling a small punch in the gut because it's not the same. 

I see you, motherless people. I know your pain.
You are not alone, even though these types of holidays may make you feel that way. We will get through this holiday. Some of us will get the courage to post about how much we miss our moms, or share a fun past memory, some of us will not, and that's ok. However you need to get through today, it's ok. You still have your mother. She will always be your mother, she's just not here anymore. 

Hugs to all of you, 

From one motherless person to the rest. 

Ps... I miss and love you, Mom.

My mom and me c. 1989

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  1. I am sorry you will be alone. This is an inspirational piece for those who are alone.


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