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Potted Primroses: How to Create the Perfect Spring Decor

Potted Primroses: How to Create the Perfect Spring Decor //

Primroses, or primula, are one of my favorite spring flowers. I love their big leaves, and bright, multi-flower centers. All the colors of primroses available at garden centers match each other and appear to be perfectly color-coordinated by Mother Nature. They pair perfectly in pots, and are my favorite spring flower to have on my porch. 

They're often the first to appear in garden centers since they bloom early and can handle the cold days of early spring. They're quite inexpensive, and stay in bloom until the hot days of summer kick in. In some areas, they're actually perennials. 

Here in Utah, it's so hot and dry in the summer that they don't survive to bloom another year. Primroses love shade or part shade, and prefer cooler temperatures, so if you've got a semi-shady spot, you can grow these easily! Just water regularly and pinch off spent blooms. 

To make your own beautiful pot of primroses, follow the simple instructions below!

What You Will Need

+ 3 Primrose Plants
+ One 10-12" flower pot 
+ Potting Soil
+ Small Garden Trowel
+ Garden Gloves

Potted Primroses: How to Create the Perfect Spring Decor //

How-to Assemble

1. Fill pot two-thirds full with potting soil.
2. Space your primroses evenly in the pot, and then fill in the soil around the base of the plants and gently firm down. 
3. Water the pot thoroughly, and place pot wherever you'd like! 
4. Don't forget to check on them a couple times a week to see if they need water, and to pinch off the spent blooms. Other than that, all you need to do is enjoy them! 

Potted Primroses: How to Create the Perfect Spring Decor //

 It's easy to bring spring to your patio or porch with a pot of primroses. Give it a try, and send me pictures in the comments, or tag me in your photos on Instagram at @lanathegardener. I'd love to see your spring flowers!

++ What's your favorite spring flower?

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