Monday, October 2, 2017

Tomatoes All Day Every Day

Since most of my other big crops failed this year, September was the month of beans, tomatoes, and some peppers. I have been harvesting more tomatoes than I can handle (I know, I did this to myself).

Since things have been busy lately, I've been passing them out like halloween candy to everyone I know. Consider yourself lucky if you got a bag of these tomatoes... it means I like you. I am not disappointed at all that I planted beans. If you've never had fresh raw crispy snap beans from the vine, you're missing out. Also, they taste amazing steamed with butter and salt. I plan to grow pole beans every year from now on. 

Pictured below: Early Girl and Black Cherry tomatoes, Blue Lake pole peans, and Yellow bush beans

Tomatoes & beans harvested from my patio garden //

++ What are you harvesting right now?

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