Monday, August 7, 2017

Garden Update Videos July 2017

Look at the beans! They've topped the fence and are still growing like crazy!

It's been a little while since I posted my regular garden update videos, so I thought I'd show you the progress my garden made in July. A LOT of unexpected things happened.

First, I discovered that I was watering WAY too much. I stopped watering the big boxes for almost two weeks, and something miraculous happened. The beans took off and are now as tall as the fence! Also, everything else took off as well. So, I discovered everything was waterlogged for the first month of growing. I'm so annoyed by that, but whatever, good things are coming. 

Second, the pests finally left everything alone and it's starting to flourish.  Also, I've been eating tomatoes regularly now for a few weeks, and have several in a big bowl on my counter. If nothing else works, I'll have my tomatoes!

Lastly, it has been SO HOT THIS YEAR. June was scorching, and so was July, August is already keeping on par with that, so... a lot of my plants are really struggling. Never a dull moment in a garden on top of cement!

++ How is your garden coming along? 

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