Monday, June 5, 2017

Spring at Utah Lake

Recently,  I went down to the nearby lake, Utah Lake, and walked along the walking path. It was perfect this time of year, because the mosquitoes weren't out in full force yet, and it wasn't too hot. It's so interesting to see all the changes that come to local areas. It used to be that you had to drive down a dirt road passing all the open fields of local farmers, and then the path was just dirt. Now, it's houses and apartments as far as the eye can see, and all of them built within the past 7 years.

I spent many a college night having bonfires on these beaches that are now sharing their beauty with homes and families. The paved walking path is lined on one side by the fenced-in back yards of big homes. The other, is this beautiful view I've taken photos of.

Time certainly changes everything.  

Now, to access the area, you just drive down the main road through the neighborhood, and park in the lot at the end of the street that borders the lake. The walking path will be right in front of you. If you feel like getting away from the backyard fences, you can venture down some of the dirt trails as well. They don't go too far, though, since the lake is so close, but you get down into the vegetation, and the cattails soar above your head. You can't hear the lawnmowers anymore, because the frogs, birds, and fluttering leaves and cattails drown out the sound of city life.

It's definitely worth the slip and fall flat onto your back while you slide down the steep gravely path, as I so gracefully discovered. I'm the most coordinated person you'll ever meet!

I love how beautiful Utah is in May and June. We really do live in such a beautiful place, it's worth the bumps and bruises to get out there and live in the wild lands we still have such easy access to.

++ Have you been down there recently? If so, did you wander off the paved path?

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