Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Garden Update: End of April

Like I mentioned in the last post, a lot changes daily in the garden during the spring and summer growing seasons. Sometimes you can see it change almost hourly. This is especially obvious when you grow vigorous growing plants like squash. 

My tomato seedlings have become full grown plants, and are literally bursting out of their nursery pots. If the forecast holds true, we'll be planting these any day now, as it seems to show that our last frost will have passed! Please cross your fingers. These guys are massive. We had some 29-32°F nights the past week, so they have been hanging out indoors to keep them from freezing, but with the warmup coming, I foresee them moving outside permanently very soon!

Indoor grown Tomato and pepper plants wait to be planted in the spring /

The kale is gorgeous and continues to grow new leaves rapidly, the lettuce, spinach and mesclun are starting to send out their first true leaves, and my catnip seems to be coming along nicely. It even reseeded itself in no man's land. There isn't any soil there, but it seems to have planted itself in concrete, and dug down far enough. Of course, the mint family would be the only plant to grow in the middle of concrete. Have you ever tried to get rid of that stuff? It's impossible, which is why I grow it in pots!

Lacinato and Red Russian kale and leafy green sprouts /
mesclun, lettuce and spinach seedling sprouts in a raised bed /
Catnip /

The ostrich ferns have finally started displaying their fiddle heads, and it appears that they will need to be divided sometime soon. I'm not sure how to do that, so if anyone has any tips, please comment! The clematis finally has its first spring flower on it, and I can't wait for it to open. The onions and thyme are taking off and getting tall or spreading.

Tomato plants, and ostrich fern fiddleheads /
Nelly Moser clematis bud opening /
Onions, radish, thyme, and chives //

The roses have finally started blooming, and I welcome their flowers every year. I have them in shades of blush pink, cream, peach, a deep fuchsia and a vibrant fire engine red. I hope they all have a great year and put on a good show! I also successfully seeded my first Black-eyed Susan Vine (or it's botanical name of Thunbergia Alata), and I am very excited about it's first bloom popping open. Especially since we were having a spring snow storm outside when it popped open in my kitchen. I haven't quite decided where it's going yet, but when I do, I'll show you its new home.

Pink rose bloom /
Blooming potted Black-eyed Susan Vine (thunbergia alata) /

Summer planting countdown is down to just a few days! I'm so excited, and can't wait to update you all later this month with what I've planted, and how it's growing. I also REALLY can't wait to get these overgrown tomatoes in the ground. I currently have the tallest one tied to a stool in my kitchen because it's just too tall now to stand on it's own in the nursery pot!

++ What's new in your garden this week?

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