Friday, April 7, 2017

The Patio Garden Boxes Are Ready for Planting!

Raised beds ready for planting. //

I've been waiting and waiting... and waiting... for it to stop raining so I could haul the dirt to my patio and fill the boxes. Finally, we got it all moved to the patio, just in time for it to rain again for three days. As soon as the clouds broke, I commenced in tearing open the soil bags, and unloading them into the boxes, with extra large wood chips on the bottom for a little bit of drainage help. (This wasn't an easy feat, each bag was a solid brick of 3 cubic feet of wet soil... also known as STUPIDLY HEAVY.)

Raised beds ready for soil. //
Raised beds with fresh new soil, ready for planting. //

It took about three hours to fill them up, and once they were done, I didn't hesitate to plant in them. I've got peas, mesclun, lettuce, radishes, spinach, and my first ever attempt at yellow onions. 

Now, if it could warm up enough I would put all my peppers and tomatoes out there, too!

The final step on these boxes is being shipped to me. It's my drip system for the beds. I ordered a double faucet adapter, too, so I could attach the drip system, and my regular sprayer hose for the rest of the patio -- the roses, strawberries, tree, and other pots all get hand watered.

A patio with raised beds with fresh new soil, ready for planting. // Messy patio with brand new raised beds with fresh new soil, ready for planting. //
Messy patio with brand new raised beds with fresh new soil, ready for planting. //

The most expensive part of the whole thing was the soil. We don't have an easy access back patio, so instead of buying soil and compost by the yard, and having it dropped off, I found a grow box mix with all the stuff I needed in it. It was a little more expensive than the soil by the yard, but it was way more convenient. We just wheeled our dolly around the row of townhouses to the patio to unload the bags.

A stack of grow box mix soil for raised beds and garden boxes. //

I couldn't find ANY reviews on the soil online, but it seemed like a great product and the lady who runs the nursery where I got it said it's the best. So, hopefully it turns out to be good soil, otherwise I've got garden beds filled with garbage. Cross your fingers for me! I really hope it's good stuff.

The patio is still in major disarray while I sort out the leftover pots and what I'm getting rid of. Once it's all ready to go, I'll be sure to post some fancy glamour shots of the patio garden.  Below is a really great example of how chaotic it's been back there. It looks MUCH better now that the soil is in the boxes and the bags are in the dumpster. (It's been cleaned up a bit since I took the below photos.)

A totally chaotic patio garden. //
potted perennials //

I also plan to post a DIY on the boxes. I attempted to film myself building them, but I accidentally bumped the camera and didn't know it, so the whole thing just shows me working and you can't see the boxes at all. I am super awesome. I'm hoping I took enough photos to give you all a proper DIY post.

I'm so excited, guys. I can't wait for the summer veggies!

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