Friday, April 28, 2017

Spring Garden Happenings

Have I mentioned how much I love having plants to take care of? It's so exciting to walk into the garden regularly, and be able to see the thriving new plants, see what they need, and see how they're growing. 

I love the variances in vegetables, like my kale -- the beautiful lacy leaves of the Red Russian kale, and the seemingly fluffy Lacinato kale leaves that stand tall. They're just about ready for their first harvesting!

The Cherry Belle radishes I planted a month ago are now ready to harvest (well, some of them, anyway). It's fun to lightly dig around and find their bright red bulbs in the dirt. It's also fun to eat them! 

I have never grown onions before, and am enjoying them so far. Their tops are growing rapidly! I planted them too close together on purpose, so I could harvest half of them for green onions. I can't wait to harvest them! 

The flowering corner next to the boxes is starting to take shape. The salvia have purple spikes already, and soon will be covered with honey bees. The clematis is prepping to have its May show of  gigantic blooms.

Every day the chives put out more buds, and will soon be covered in cute pink flowers. Also, almost daily, the little lettuce, spinach and mesclun seedlings get slightly bigger, and hopefully soon we'll be picking leaves for salads. 

++ What are your weekend gardening plans?

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