Friday, April 21, 2017

Patio Garden Update: Mid-April 2017

Lettuce, spinach, and mesclun mix sprouts /

It's almost done! My garden is almost cleaned up and ready to be displayed. For now, along with some strategic camera angles, I can fake it that it's done and fancy.


Below is a list of what's currently growing in my patio garden:
+ Black-Seeded Simpson Lettuce
+ Mesclun Mix
+ Spinach
+ Peas
+ Strawberries
+ Thyme
+ Chives
+ Cherry Belle Radishes
+ Stuttgarter Yellow Onions
+ Russian Red Kale
+ Lacinato Kale
+ Curly Kale
+ Rainbow Mix Carrots
+ German Chamomile
+ Catnip
+ Sweet Mint
+ Lemon Balm (actually, it might be dead!)
+ Lavender
+ Bee Balm
+ Salvia
+ Roses - mini, and full size
+ Clematis
+ Ostrich Ferns (fiddleheads appeared today!)
+ Japanese Maple

Nothing is planted in the ground, and everything is planted in pots or the new wooden boxes on top of cement. I love that half of the garden are perennials, and the other half are annual vegetables. It keeps things looking green every spring and fall when the veggies are not the focal point.

Different angles of the container and raised bed garden on my patio /
German Chamomile /
More angles of the patio garden /
More angles of the patio garden /
More angles of the patio garden /
A fiddlehead popping up, and onion and radish sprouts /
More angles of the patio garden /


Also, a few days prior, I was able to get my watering system for the boxes installed! I used a drip system I found online for a decent price. It included cut-to-size hoses, connectors, and a pressure regulator so my water pressure didn't tear the soaker/drip hose. Watering by hand has been a challenge especially in the hotter months. I'm excited to see the difference this makes this year. 

I plan to do a full post about my drip system, but for now, check it out! It looks great, and from what I can see, does a great job. The water soaks down deep, and doesn't evaporate quickly. The spots where I watered with it, have stayed well watered for several days despite our sunny spring weather. I'm very excited about this!

Below is a bird's eye view from my second story window. Unfortunately, I can't get the whole garden in the shot, so you don't see what's next to the house, or the full tree in the left corner, but you get the idea. The pile of pots, and the table in the middle are going away, and soon it will be clean, and fancy!

An overhead shot of my container and raised bed patio garden /

Also, stay tuned in the next coming weeks to see what I'm planting for the summer. I can't wait to fill up the boxes and the patio with veggie plants!

++ What's growing in your spring garden?

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  1. The new boxes look so great! What a difference they'll make in terms of space and ease...especially with that drip system. You'll have the luxury of space and the luxury of more time to enjoy your garden :) Nice work! Cheers, Mary Jane


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