Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Seed Starting Updates

Things have been a little busy around here, so I haven't had time to write out a bunch of posts, but I wanted to stop in and at least update you all on some things. After Monday's super sappy post, I thought we could use a little more cheery updates. 

First off, happy late Valentine's, everyone! I hope you spent it with people you love.

Second of all, I finally was able to use some gift money from Christmas and get what I've been waiting for, so... drumroll, please...

It's a grow light, seed starting tray with pellets, and a heat mat! 

For a lot of you, you might be thinking, "Wow, this girl really parties hard." I know, I'm a plant nerd. I am SO excited to start all my veggies from seed this year. I never have before, with the exception of the fast growing ones like zucchini. Every other plant has been bought from a greenhouse as a start. I'm excited to try my hand at growing from seed. 

The ones that I'll be starting indoors are the ones that need fairly warm temperatures like peppers, tomatoes, nasturtiums, and other veggies that are a little temperamental with our last frost date being still three months away. I cannot wait, so I'll be planting everything this weekend probably, and will keep you posted on the growth! My hope is that once they're big enough to move to bigger pots, they'll live in my mini greenhouse outside where in a month or so, it will be just the right temperature for summer seedlings. Then come planting time, they'll be a great size for planting.  

Finally, check out the progress my radishes are making! I took this photo a couple days ago, and since then some baby true leaves have started, so it's a real party around here. 

++ What's new your way? 

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