Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Kitsch & Christmas Trees

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Recently my husband and I had a weekend of the slow kind. We woke up late, got a late breakfast at our favorite local dive diner. You know the kind, where the old men hang out every day drinking coffee and sharing old stories and insults, and the decor is pure kitsch at it's kitschiest. I think they even have a hand-painted sign that says "Adult Day-Care Center".

Kitsch & Christmas Trees // WWW.THEJOYBLOG.NET
Kitsch & Christmas Trees // WWW.THEJOYBLOG.NET

Afterward, as a snowstorm rolled in quickly, we wandered through a Christmas tree lot. The pine scent was heavenly, as we wandered through the various heights and shapes. The thing I love about real pine trees is most of their needles are soft and smooth. Not prickly, the way our fake tree is. If I didn't have cats that love climbing real trees, we'd have opted for a tall and narrow blue spruce, to fit our small living room. 

I plan to wander through more of these lots when I get a chance. I love slow December weekends, don't you?

++ Do you put up a real or fake Christmas tree? 

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  1. Real! We always go cut our own as a family because we live close to a tree farm. Thankfully we got it done before it started snowing where we live in WI! ~Jessica Marie @


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