Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Roses & Elections

Roses & Elections // WWW.THEJOYBLOG.NET

One of my favorite things about gardening is that plants are nothing like humans. They have one worry, and it is to survive, and reproduce. 

They don't hate other plants. They don't have issues with other plants' religions. 

They don't want to build walls to keep other plants from growing next to them. They don't want to hurt other plants because other plants are different. 

They just dig their roots down into the soil, soak up the water and nutrients, and bask in the sunshine and air. They share their pollen with bees, their nectar with butterflies and hummingbirds, and they act as little ecosystems on their own. They even give us their fruit, and their lives if we want to put them in a vase or eat them. 

Roses & Elections // WWW.THEJOYBLOG.NET

Plants would never go nuts the way our country did during and after the election. This is why I love plants. They don't discriminate. They will do what they do whether the gardener is white, black, latino, muslim, christian, jewish, or atheist. 

I love plants because they are perfect in ways humans are not. They share their perfect energy with those around them, and exist innocently. 

This is why I garden. 

There is world peace in a garden.

Roses & Elections // WWW.THEJOYBLOG.NET

Photos are of my pink shrub rose growing in a pot on my cement patio. 

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