Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A Trip to Cascade Springs

Earlier this summer, I took a mini adventure to Cascade Springs, a park in the middle of the mountains. The air was cooler than the valleys, which was as to be expected. It always seems like up in the mountains, the seasons are different. Spring is still happening while we're burning in the hot summer sun down below. I consider myself lucky to live in a place with such easy access to mountains. It's a beautiful escape up winding, narrow roads surrounded by trees and peaks, and mountain walls.

Cascade Springs is worth the drive. When you first arrive, you are surrounded by typical Utah mountain scenery--rolling fields of grass climbing up the mountain sides, with trees and flowers dotted all around. After parking, within a few short minutes, you're crossing the wooden boardwalks that sit above the springs. The sound of the babbling water below drowns out the noise of your thoughts as you wander around aimlessly. It's beautiful here, and it's soothing.

In June there are flowers everywhere. Summer gives way to more greenery. Fall hits early here because of it's location up in the mountains. Whenever you come, you're surrounded by beauty. Take a look at the mini video tour, as well.

Another great thing about the park is that you're not allowed to picnic or play in the water. Everything stays pristine, and beautiful.

Nature always has a way of making us feel at ease, doesn't it?

++ Have you been to Cascade Springs?


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