Monday, October 12, 2015

Simple Advice for the Journey of Life

I've linked to her blog before, but Dana has done it again, and as such, I have to quote her again. Dana hiked the Pacific Crest Trail this summer and into fall. She blogs about it on  her site Pacific Crest Rose. As always, her words are inspiring, fascinating, and adventure-filled. She finished the trek on the PCT this summer and made it all the way to Canada. She posted this on her blog after she finished the arduous journey from California to Canada just a week or two ago:

James E. Talmage, author of Jesus the Christ, penned words that have rattled around my mind over the past few years, "Happiness is not akin with levity, nor is it one with light-minded mirth. It springs from the deeper fountains of the soul, and is not infrequently accompanied by tears. Have you never been so happy that you have to weep? I have."

Life is not always a good time, but I can't help but to believe we're here for reasons far deeper than a good time. And that it is in these pursuits we get to drink the deep waters of joy and love. For me, this is most readily accessed through God (our Mother and Father in heaven) and Jesus Christ. I know it's not very fashionable, but if anyone understands this it's Him. For He has never been very fashionable. I can't negate what I have felt regarding my Savior, and I won't deny what He has done for me.

There are so many things I don't know, and this world fills me with wonder. On the trail I have been bored, tired, annoyed, sad, and achingly lonely. I have also been excited, energized, amazed, connected, alive, and brimming with gratitude. It's not so different from my life off the trail. It's not so different from your life, is it? We all have moments, days, and weeks where we feel like quitting. But eventually the sun comes out again and we keep going because something deep inside of us can and must.

So. Let's keep walking.

Ah yes, as Dana so simply puts it, let's do keep walking, everyone. Life is but a journey from birth to death. With the middle being all of the great parts full of smooth paths, rocky terrain, or fields of wildflowers. We never know what we'll encounter as we go along, but the journey doesn't end just because the terrain changes. We must have joy, wonder, struggles, and sorrow. We must live our lives, we must keep walking.

And, you must all go read her blog. Seriously. Do it. It's fantastic.

Happy Monday!

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