Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Joyful Adventures: Camping At 10,000 Feet

Last weekend, we traveled two hours to our favorite camping spot in the high Uintas. The elevation is above 10,000 feet where we like to go. It's pretty crazy how far you have to drive these days to get to where there aren't any people. We were still nearby a few trailers, but overall we'd left all the crowded camp grounds behind. We set up our tent near the trees and to the side of the fire pit. Our friends were set up opposite us on the other side of the fire pit. We laughed by the fire, ate sandwiches and s'mores, and bundled up for a cold mountain night.

This late in the Summer makes the nights a little cooler than when the longest days of the year first happen. I slept with my hoodie and coat on, inside my subzero sleeping bag. When I had to pee at 6:30 am the sun was not even over the high horizon, it was probably in the low 40s Fahrenheit. The birds had not started singing yet and the crisp, cold morning, quickly warmed to the 60s when the sun came up. We were woken up by hummingbirds buzzing around our red tent, as they were going nuts for the red color. 

We finished up the trip by eating at the small town diner at the mouth of the canyon. I had a massive BLT, fries, and felt amazing.  When we got home, we took another long nap. 


Why? Because I love being surrounded by the quiet calm of nature. It quiets my head, and makes my heart feel whole. 

Get outside. It will do you a world of good. 

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  1. This looks SO ideal and cozy! I'm a little jealous that you get chilly nights with hoodies. Georgia only offers a couple short months of long sleeves, so I'll just live vicariously through you - haha! What a stunning place to camp. We bought a tent last fall and STILL haven't used it. You just uncovered some wanderlust in me, and I think it's time to plan a trip.

    1. Move to Utah, we can hang out, and you can live in the SNOW for 4 months a year. :)

  2. This trip looks/sounds amazing!! Can I join you next time? Also, I'm loving your photos. The unbelievable blue of mountain skies is one of my very favorite sights.

    1. The pictures don't even do it justice... the Uintas are the loveliest place. Yes, where do you live? If you're in utah, let's do this.


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