Thursday, May 7, 2015

20 Life Lessons From The Birthday Girl

Well, my birthday has come again. This year is the big 3-1! I can't believe that's my age. I don't feel like I've aged a day since 21. I know life has happened --a LOT of life-- and I've become smarter, wiser, calmer, and more deliberate about things, but I still don't feel older. I just feel... changed. Life has taught me a lot of lessons along the way as well. 

Here are some of the lessons I've learned:

1. The only constant in life is change.
2. You are the master of your ship. Sometimes the waters are rough, but you are always able to remain at the helm. It's not always easy, and sometimes it will feel as if everything you do to steer the ship doesn't work. Stick it out, stay the course. You'll win.
3. Marriage is a union of two forgivers. Don't listen to the lies about, "The right person will never hurt me." People are human, and do dumb things. Sometimes when you're both exhausted, stressed, and hungry, you'll say mean things to eachother. It's not a lack of love. It's a lack of food, sleep, and a day off. You're humans. Humans aren't perfect.

4. Life gets harder the older you get, but, don't worry because you get cooler, too. 
5. Some are given their life's purpose, the rest of us have to make ours.
6. There comes a point in everyone's life where their body will reciprocate the treatment it's been given. What you sow, ye shall reap. Get exercise, sleep, and sunshine regularly.
7. Your relationship with your deity, god, higher power, spirituality, or lack thereof is your personal business, and yours alone. I have my own relationship with my God, and it is like no one else's.
8. Most people don't want advice, they want to be validated.
9. Those cliche sayings that go something like this, "Never leave the things you need to say unsaid, for you never know if it was your last chance", are completely 100% true, but... even if you say everything you meant to say, it will never be enough when someone dear to you dies. You will always wish for more time.
10. Death does not break the bonds of family. 

11. Gardening is good for the soul.
12. Passionate heat is good in a relationship, but if you have someone that can make you laugh to tears, you will be able to smile on the darkest days of your life. 
13. Never underestimate the power of time to fix all problems.
14. You have to learn to forgive someone even if they never apologize. It's not for them. It's for you.
15. Change begets change begets change, and then suddenly you're in a place you never anticipated, surrounded by people you never saw coming, doing things you never expected to do, and you'll love it. Don't be afraid to move forward.
16 It is necessary to take a step back at times. This allows you to see the forest instead of the trees.
17. Animals always know how you're feeling.
18. You never get to know your true strength until you have to use it. You will impress yourself. 
19. Journals are a vital way to connect us to our loved ones after we die. Even if you think what you're writing is meaningless dribble, your child/friend/family member will be aching to hear your voice again, and they'll find your words and realize that you were every bit the human that they are. Your bond will tighten even though life and death separate you.
20. When you need to make a soup, all you need is broth, veggies/meats of your choice, seasoning of your choice, and a can of diced tomatoes. That can of diced tomatoes makes the soup. You cannot fail with that simple recipe. One more time so everyone remembers -- broth, meat/veggies, seasoning, can of diced tomatoes. It's foolproof. 

++ What have you learned in your life?
Please share your wisdom below.

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  1. Love number 3 and number 6! Great list.

  2. Great list! I just turned 30 this week but don't feel a day over 20 lol! Awesome post, thank you for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend!! xx Ashleigh @SimplyWright

    1. I know the feeling! Welcome to the big 30's and happy late birthday. Thanks for reading!

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  4. I adore this list! Such optimism! Your soup lesson is most definitely my favorite =) By the way, what are those roses in the last photo? They are gorgeous! -Colleen C

    1. They're actually stock photos from another blogger. Mammasaurus. There's a small link to her at the bottom of the post. Her photos are AMAZING.

  5. This list is vast and full of wisdom! I reread it twice :) Happy birthday!!


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