Friday, April 3, 2015

Joyful Adventures: That One Time We Got Married

Justin and I got married 2.5 years ago on a beautiful September day. What an adventure that has been! I wouldn't change my mind for anything in this world. He's been my rock through some crazy times, and I really couldn't have done half as well as I have without him. 

I remember our wedding day as a total blur. I woke up that morning with the peacefulness of the night before completely gone, and only anxiety in it's place. I was starving for most of the day because I felt like I was going to throw up the entire morning, and part of the afternoon, until we'd gotten through the ceremony and the reception was under way. By the time I'd greeted all the guests, I'd still barely eaten a thing. When we left to go to our hotel, I made Justin take me to the grocery store where I bought a giant fruit platter and a sandwich. How many brides can say they've done that? Ha! The most vivid memories I have of the whole day are as follows:

Memory 1: When I said "Yes", before the person leading the ceremony had finished what he was telling us. He had to laugh and say, "Well, that's good, but we're not there yet." Everyone had a laugh. I'm a special person, you guys. I was so anxious I wasn't even listening, and just wanted to marry Justin already so I could relax.

Memory 2: When my mom drove Justin and me from the temple, where we were married, to the luncheon location. She took us on a scenic drive that took twice as long as the regular routes. We teased her the whole time with comments such as, "The wedding only takes a minute, but the ride to the reception takes a lifetime." She just laughed at our dumb jokes and kept on her merry scenic drive. I am the only daughter she ever gave birth to, I think she was just ecstatic to be there with us regardless of our barrage of jokes. Looking back at it now, since she's passed away, Justin and I think it's one of the great memories we have of her. It was just us three having a blast together on one of the biggest days of our lives.

Memory 3: The reception was beautiful. It was a simple garden reception in my grandparents' yard. I was surrounded by the people that meant the most to me, in a place that had been a refuge of peace my entire life. I couldn't have wanted anything better than that.

Since I never really shared the photos online anywhere -- my mom got really sick around the time I got the pictures, and it became our focus for the whole year before she died -- I want to do it now. Look for my mom. She's in the pretty lime green top with the floral skirt. You can't miss her, she's tall, blonde and lovely. 

[All photography is done by Carrie Lee previously from Carrie Lee Photography and now part of the Ivy & Stone photography duo.] 

And last but not least... I have no idea what's going on in this photo, but I wish I did. This is several of my cousins and my aunt and uncle. My uncle looks like he's laughing so hard he can't breathe, and everyone else looks like they're laughing too. Wish I knew the joke!

It's pretty fun to look back at these pictures. Life was so simple then. None of us knew what was coming in four months. It's amazing how quickly life changes.

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