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How to Get Quality Prescription Glasses for SUPER Cheap

(This post is totally not sponsored. I just love their product and wanted to share.)

How to Get Quality Prescription Glasses for SUPER Cheap |

I've been a glasses wearer since age 8. It costs a lot to keep your vision clear. Glasses aren't cheap, and even with optical insurance, you still end up paying hundreds for a new pair. My last pair of glasses (the Ray-Bans pictured in the small photo) cost me $300 cash. Recently, my little brother got himself some new glasses for super cheap, and sent me to the site to check them out for myself.

Super Expensive Raybans from Eye Doc | How to Get Quality Prescription Glasses for SUPER Cheap //
When I first checked out, I was kind of skeptical. I assumed the prescription would be bad, or the lenses cheap, or the frames flimsy. Since I have a pretty strong prescription, I had a feeling they wouldn't do it right, and I would be returning my frames. Not so, at all. I have actually found all of that to be wrong about the glasses I've ordered from them. As a result, I've become a bit of a glasses hoarder. 


The buying process is super easy, you upload a photo of your face, add a simple pupil distance measurement (that they teach you how to do with an easy tutorial video), and then you can virtually try on any frame. It's pretty accurate as well, as long as your measurement is done right. I love this process because I have to try on billions of frames before I find the right ones. I have big eyes, but a narrow face, and most frames are too wide for me. I also loved it because I was able to upload a few different photos with different hair styles to get the full effect. (Every girl knows she's gotta try them on with her hair back, too.) 

Also, you just upload your prescription from your eye doctor, and add it to your account. Then, you just select it during the purchase when you're selecting your frames and lenses in the shopping cart. Once I had found my favorite frame styles, I was able to choose from a few different lens options, and was able to use some coupon codes to get a great deal on every single frame I bought over the past 8 months! 


I got these Prism frames in Warm Tortoise and also in Translucent from their higher end RFLKT line, and went with the standard 1.59 index lenses that are included in this line (which are actually higher index and thinner than their base lenses offered on the site), and they are solid, sturdy, and I love the way they look. They both came with a pretty leather case, a little glasses screwdriver should I need to make adjustments or repairs, and a cleaning cloth.

With coupon codes, the Tortoise frames cost me $52, and the Translucent ones were FREE as part of a BOGO offer they had going on when I bought the Aura frames shown later in the post. 

Prism in Warm Tortoise / EyeBuyDirect / How to Get Quality Prescription Glasses for SUPER Cheap |
Prism in Translucent / EyeBuyDirect / How to Get Quality Prescription Glasses for SUPER Cheap |

I also opted for a retro, wire-frame pair, and got the Ledger frames in Gold. I paid extra for their 1.6 higher index lenses, which would really thin out my lenses since my prescription is thick, and the frames are really minimal. Thinner lenses also make them weightless. I was really surprised by this frame. A lot of metal frames are flimsy, and these ones just aren't. Plus, they have a really cute intricate design on the nose bridge, ear pieces, and rims. These weren't from the higher end line, so I could have paid a few dollars extra for a case, but I already had one. They cost me about $47 plus shipping, even after I paid an extra $30 for the higher index lenses. They had some amazing sales going on at the time, and I took full advantage.   (These are also the very first pair I purchased.)

Ledger in Gold / EyeBuyDirect / How to Get Quality Prescription Glasses for SUPER Cheap |

While looking for prescription sunglasses, I found these fun Chillax frames in Black and Gunmetal. The actual frame is only $15! I paid extra once again for the slightly thinner 1.6 index lenses, and got 80% gray tint on the sunglasses. I had a coupon for sunglasses, but when I was talking to the live chat rep, asking which index lenses were best for these frames, she offered me her own a super good discount code, and I ended up ordering these in regular glasses AND sunglasses and it only cost me $80 plus shipping for BOTH together. (WHAT?) I love how lightweight they are because they're plastic, and the matte black funky frame style is a fun addition to my eyewear collection.

Chillax in Black & Gunmetal 80% Gray / EyeBuyDirect / How to Get Quality Prescription Glasses for SUPER Cheap |
Chillax in Black & Gunmetal / EyeBuyDirect / How to Get Quality Prescription Glasses for SUPER Cheap |

From the first day I checked out the EyeBuyDirect site, I was in love with the translucent styles of frames. I just didn't think I could pull them off. They were too futuristic, or would make me look like I was in a science lab, or something but every time I went on their site, I would stare at them thinking... I NEEEEEED. I finally decided to go for it when they had a BOGO sale going on a few weeks ago. I ordered these Aura frames in Champagne (shown below), and the translucent Prism frames mentioned earlier in this post. Aura frames are part of the RFLKT line, as well, and I was so excited to get two pairs of RFLKT glasses for the price of one! RFLKT frames are the most expensive on their site, and peak at $70. The Aura frames cost $70, and include the high index lenses mentioned above under the Prism frames.

Aura in Champagne / EyeBuyDirect / How to Get Quality Prescription Glasses for SUPER Cheap |

All glasses I purchased came with anti-scratch, anti-reflective, and UV protection coatings. 

They also have a great returns policy, and a warranty. Check out their site to see all the details. I have only returned one pair because I had entered my prescription wrong. It was super easy, and didn't take long to get my new pair, and didn't cost me extra. 


I loved my purchases there so much, that I have been sending their site to all my bad vision friends. My husband's friend just got himself a pair of glasses from their site for $27, including prescription lenses! Anything I can do to help out a fellow glasses wearer, I'm in. I can't believe how much glasses cost from an eye doctor. I was able to get all of the glasses I purchased for the same price as one pair of my old glasses.

How to Get Quality Prescription Glasses for SUPER Cheap |
Actually, it cost me $249 and my RayBans cost $300

As a return buyer, they gave me a coupon code for $10 off your first purchase! Just follow the instructions below, and get yourself a great new pair of glasses for super cheap! (Also, I get discounts when my coupon codes are used.)

Glasses do not have to cost you an arm and a leg, and they have a huge variety of great frames on their site. Give it a try, and let me know what you get!

++ Have you tried Eye Buy Direct, or another online glasses company? If so, share your experience in the comments!


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