Friday, October 6, 2017

4 Things to Do for Yourself Today

Sometimes, all we need to improve our lives are a few simple steps. I like to try these four tricks when I'm feeling like I need a good day. 

1. Crank up your favorite music and dance like a fool. 

I'm a big proponent of spontaneous quick dance parties, especially at home where you won't be bothered by odd looks from people. I'm not a good dancer by any means, but I can definitely commit to my awkward moves. Dancing all out like this is an instantaneous pick-me-up, and also provides a quick little cardio workout -- two things that should be regularly in your life. If you're not sure what music to try, I recommend this playlist

2. Let go of what's dragging you down and wrecking your joy.

Sometimes in life there are things we must go through that are really awful, I'm not saying to let those go and pretend they don't exist. This is more for the situation where you are holding a grudge, holding on to stresses you don't need, worrying too much, killing your own dreams, not having faith in yourself, staying somewhere that sucks the happiness out of you, or putting yourself down.

I know it's easier said than done, but a good step forward is to go through one day with it being locked away. Just 24 hours. If you worry too much, try to just go with the flow for 24 hours. If you are holding on to negativity, commit to looking on the bright side for just one day. If you hold yourself back, try to say "yes" to things for just today. This little experiment will show you what it's like to be free of what's dragging you down, and can lead to wanting to create that experience every day!

3. Take a day to unplug.

Whether you spend a solitary day at home with no technology buzzing in your ears, or you spend it outside surrounded by mother nature, try to unplug for 24 hrs. Unplugging from the noise of life, tends to let us focus more on what really matters, slows our heart rates, soothes our stresses, and maybe even provides a little headache relief! (I get headaches from tech for me, that was the best part!)

4. Look in the mirror, and list 3 things you love about yourself: physical or not.

Staring yourself in the eyes, and telling yourself what you love about yourself will really do wonders for your self-esteem. For me, at first, it was a struggle. I instantly saw my physical "flaws", and thought about all the ways I've let myself down. After a while, I was able to come up with these three: I endure, I have a great sense of humor, I'm a great gardener. 

The more times I do this, the more things I can find. I've even started telling myself I look amazing. I promise, this will work wonders for your soul. 

++ Let me know if you have any other quick pick me up suggestions!

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