Monday, January 23, 2017

It's All Absolutely Fine by Ruby Elliot of Rubyetc

All images in this post are from Ruby Elliot's book, or her Tumblr
When I was contacted to review Ruby Elliot's new book, It's All Absolutely Fine, I was excited. I am a big fan of hilarious drawings about the crap we all go through in life. Ruby talks about depression, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, and just plain old crappy life feelings. 

Her drawings hit the nail on the head in a way that no one else can, and with lots and lots of perfectly placed curse words (don't say I didn't warn you if you are offended by those). 

If you've ever had depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, or eating disorders, you will appreciate her ability to go to the dark places and be real about the problems that exist there. This is something that is still too often seen as taboo.

We need more reality in this digital world full of our posts of, "Just about to go for a seventeen mile yoga jog!", as she so perfectly puts it. It's one thing to put on a positive face because you want to be positive, it's another to mask your true life and hide the pain you're going through because you can't bare to let anyone know that you ever could ever have a struggle. We need to know you struggle so we can help, and so we can relate. So many of us have battles we face that we never tell anyone about and often we think we are alone in them. Let's all be more real and own our dark places. We may just find we're not alone at all.

Ruby's book is a great read. Between all the drawings, she explains in detail the pain she's been through and also explains that she's doing a lot better these days, but still has work to do. This is a reality for most who suffer from these problems. You're never all the way healed, but you learn to manage, and eventually, for some, it is like you don't have them at all.

Depression, anxiety, other disorders are real, and the pain is real, and never being able to talk about it with most people is still a very real taboo. Embrace the dark place in a way that is honest, raw, and hilarious by reading Ruby's book. You won't be disappointed. You may just find that some of her drawings put your own pain into the most perfectly understood little cartoon. You're likely to also find yourself laughing some of the darkness away.  

+ Check out her Tumblr
+ Find her book on Goodreads and Amazon.

Also, I plan on taking jazzy little lizard steps forward whenever life knocks me backward, how about you?

++ Have you heard of Ruby Elliot or Rubyetc?

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