Garden Theme: Dracula's Garden

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

For those of you who love to make theme gardens, this is a fun one to try. Ever since I first discovered black flowers or black plants of all types, I knew I wanted to curate a garden theme based around Dracula. This is what I imagine would be growing near his castle in Transylvania during the summertime. If you have ever read Bram Stoker's Dracula, you will love this idea even more! 

I know this isn't necessarily possible to have during Halloween for a lot of reasons. In most places, Halloween takes place during the cold time of year and most plants are dead or dormant. But, if you had a special place in your yard that you planted this garden, you could have it be spooky during your entire growing season! 

The best part is, a lot of these would look great in any type of garden, except maybe the bloody fungus. That one is just... unappealing. 

As you scroll through these images, just picture it in your head. Imagine Dracula crawling down the side of his castle, slipping quietly into the night past these spooky, creepy, other-worldly plants. As he returns carrying his latest victim, a few drops of blood drip from her neck and slide down the white leaves of the caladium pictured above.  

The castle grounds are void of any bugs, as any that visit end up the victim of the carnivorous pitcher plant or venus flytraps that lie in wait. To any visitor, the quiet won't seem obvious at first, but by the time you notice the deafening stillness and lack of all buzzing flies, it's too late. 

Dracula's favorite of all these would be the disgustingly-gooey, bloody, Devil's Tooth fungus. It reminds him of his favorite delicacy -- the sweet nectar that courses through the veins of every fair-haired young lady he passes as he wanders through town incognito. 

The Dracula orchids seem to be locked forever in an expression of terror, as if to warn any visitors to his castle, that they've already gone too far to ever return. The blackness of the irises, and other blooms, and ghostly-white of the ghost orchids seem to reflect the theme of Dracula's castle -- "All who reside here are not of the living... and not of the dead. Please, come in. We have been waiting for you." 

The plants shown here are:
+ Devil's Tooth (the creepy bloody fungus!)
+ Ghost Orchid
+ Bat Flower
+ Dracula Orchid
+ Black Iris
+ Black Pansy
+ Black Tulip
+ White Caladium
+ Dusty Miller
+ Venus Flytrap
+ Pitcher Plant
+ Black Elephant's Ear
+ Red Coleus
+ Black Calla Lily
+ Black Hollyhocks
+ Red Roses
+ American Witchhazel
+ Black Dahlia

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++ What spooky plants would you grow? If you have any questions about a plant, please let me know. I'd be happy to answer it for you. 

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  1. Haha, I love this! I love how you painted the whole picture! Bloody fungus, omg! I would maybe plant some kind of icky looking cactus to prick anyone's blood that comes near and alert Dracula to their presence as the smell wafts up to his nostrils. Wahahahah. I was an English major, so I really love the literature theme;)
    ~Jessica Marie @

    1. I'm so glad you liked it! Isn't that book spooky? I still remember being creeped out about how he would crawl down the castle walls.

  2. Ewww, Doll's eye and Brain Cactus. Google Image those!

  3. This is such a great idea! I've honestly never heard of a theme garden...I love it! I think I'll be planning one this winter now lol :) The images in this post are just perfect. Very spooky indeed! Happy Halloween! - Mary Jane

    1. I think it would be fun to try! Of course, I haven't tried it myself, though. If you do one, you'll have to tell me/show me. I'm super interested! :)

  4. This is so fun. I wish that I didn't kill every plant that I touch. These are so fantastic and fun.


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