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Why Refugees Are Our Problem + How You Can Help

Why Refugees Are Our Problem + How You Can Help // WWW.THEJOYBLOG.NET

I was born into, and grew up in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS). I have lived in communities that are engulfed in the religion my entire life. Most of the people I interact with daily are or were LDS. For most of the world, you won't know this name, though. You will know it as, "The Mormons", and that is ok, call us what you want. I may not be the most active in my religion, or even the most faithful. Crises of the personal kind usually create crises of faith for me, as well. And that is ok, too. It doesn't make what I'm about to share, any less true, or any less important. Neither does you not belonging to the LDS faith, or not believing in God.

Refugees around the world need our help. They are not a problem for other people, they are our problem. Why? The reason is simple. They are humans, and so are we. It doesn't matter where we come from, or what borders lie between us, if our human brothers and sisters are suffering and we have the ability to help, we should do so.

Recently, my church shared this video produced with the audio from a talk given at one of our church's general sessions. They happen twice a year, and are broadcast to the worldwide members.

This video is powerful, it reminds us that although the refugees may be from a totally different place with different customs, and beliefs, they are humans, and the basic needs of all humans are the same -- safety, shelter, nourishment, and connection. This video also shares ideas of how you can help. It may seem like the problem is too far away, this will help you find ways to start close to home.

Think about it in reverse as Alicia Keys displayed in her music video, that I shared here. What if it were you? What if you and your family needed safety?

One thing that I have always loved about the LDS religion, despite any of my faith crises or lack of attendance, is their incredible ability to help. Our members are asked to give 10% of their earnings to the church. This funds a lot of internal things as most everyone that works in the church is doing so unpaid. BUT... this also funds incredible charity programs. Church members are taught from the very beginning that service is a big part of life, that serving our fellow men is the best thing we can do in life.

You can learn more about the charity programs here:
Humanitarian Aid and Welfare Services Basics: How Donations and Resources Are Used

Other ways to help:
UN Refugee Agency - How you can help

We are all God's children regardless of actions, circumstance, appearance, or situation. I hope that, although this message may come from a faith you do not believe in, you will see that this is still everyone's problem and find ways to help. We must remember that we all belong to each other. Love one another, help each other, and remember... we're all in this together.

++What are your thoughts on this video, humanity, and the worldwide refugee crisis?

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