Friday, July 15, 2016

Alicia Keys' Video on Remembering Humanity

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The world seems to be in total chaos these days. At least, that's what it seems like in an election year in the U.S. Especially in one where the two top candidates are so blatantly despised by everyone. Racism abounds, hateful words are tossed from every side of every argument, and it seems like humanity has been all but forgotten. People in America and other countries have been facing violent crimes and the sheer terror of what happens when hateful people engage in their darkest ideas. 

I came across this video on Facebook the other day, and was reminded, while we're fighting over Donald and Hillary, there are people suffering everywhere. People that are looking to the U.S. to figure out their drama, and get it together. People that are hoping to find refuge from the storms of their lives. Storms that we as Americans are lucky not be facing.  

Alicia Keys has done a wonderful job showing us what it would be like if we were uprooted and forced to flee our country. We would hope and pray that as we left our war torn land, the people on the other side of the border would be willing to shelter us. Sometimes, it's not about whether or not you have the comfortable space for people. Sometimes, it has everything to do with saying, "My floor is empty, come in. I think I have some extra blankets."

I'm not claiming that this is easy, that we have all the resources to help people. I'm not claiming that every person that enters our country is an upstanding citizen. I'm not even saying that I have all the answers. 

I'm just saying this, try to imagine if you were the refugee. 

Prayers for the people in France, and all over the world. 

Watch the video. 

++ Have you seen this? What are your thoughts on the video? 

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