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A Birthday Playlist for My Mom

A Birthday Playlist for My Mom // WWW.THEJOYBLOG.NET
(A tiny apology to the 4 missing siblings from the album cover for this playlist... I didn't have a photo of all of us on my computer!)

This month's playlist is special to me in a lot of ways. While listening to it, I am transported to a time in my life when everything was easy, free, and fun... and I was less than 4 feet tall. My mom raised us on '80s hits, and storytelling songwriters from the '70s. This playlist is a collection of her favorite songs from when we were kids. In honor of her birthday, I've compiled it to celebrate her.  

To give you a quick idea on her background in music, here's a little rundown. She was a musician herself, putting all of us through piano lessons that were taught by her. She was also self-taught on the guitar, and a phenomenal singer. Our house was always full of music, often it was the sound of her playing and singing at her piano. She performed in plays, was in a few bands and groups, and encouraged us to express ourselves through art. All of us kids have picked up an instrument or two.  I believe the sum total of our skills include the piano, electric and acoustic guitars, writing house music and using turntables, the trumpet, drums, and the clarinet. My stepdad once even tried to convince us all to become similar to the Von Trapps... although to his sadness we all just rolled our eyes.

Music was a major part of our lives. Every road trip, every short drive, every house cleaning day, or holiday included music in the background. This playlist comes from these times in my childhood. These songs are attached forever to some of my fondest memories -- simple times of road trips to Yellowstone, going to visit the grandparents, heading to the grocery store, or cleaning toilets on a rainy Saturday.

The majority are great hits from the '80s, with a few '70s and '90s thrown in. Included in the list are Tears for Fears, Genesis, Simply Red, The Cars, Erasure, A-ha, The Pointer Sisters, Crash Test Dummies, Huey Lewis & The News, Mike & The Mechanics, Bruce Springsteen, and other similar artists.

Some of my favorite songs on the playlist include:

Genesis - That's All
Tears for Fears - Everybody Wants to Rule the World
The B-52's - Bushfire
The Cars - You Might Think
Carole King - It's Too Late
Mike & The Mechanics - All I Need Is A Miracle

Happy Birthday, Mom! Even if you're gone, your influence continues to live on. We love and miss you always. 

++ What did you think of this playlist? What are your favorite songs linked to childhood memories? 

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